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Excellent Legal Support During A Paternity Dispute

The birth of a child to an unmarried mother raises the question of the identity of the baby’s biological father. Mothers in this situation need to establish paternity to receive child support and provide for their child. Meanwhile, putative fathers often want to determine paternity to establish their parental and child custody or visitation rights.

I am family law attorney Leigh M. Snodsmith. For more than 10 years, my firm Snodsmith Law in Tuscaloosa has represented parties to a paternity dispute. I will help you through this difficult period with compassionate and efficient service. Find out the truth so you can plan for the future.

Why Accurate Paternity Results Matter

I understand how important the results of the paternity test will be to your life. My representation will ensure the testing is fair and accurate. Once paternity is proven, I will work hard to assert your legal rights. If you are the mother, I will fight to create a child support order to help you provide a comfortable household for your child. And if you are the father, I will push for a child custody and visitation plan that not only is in the child’s best interests but also lets you create and/or preserve a father-child relationship.

Paternity And Older Children

Not every paternity dispute involves a newborn infant or a young child. Many men spent years believing they were the biological father of a child without seeking a paternity test or taking legal action to establish parental rights. Then their relationship with the child’s mother fell apart. Suddenly, it is necessary to prove through testing if the man is the child’s father. I have helped parents through paternity questions related to children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

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