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Accurate And Fair Division Of Assets In Your Divorce

The splitting up of marital assets can be the most stressful and emotional part of divorce. Disputes over which spouse should get to keep certain valuables can ignite into full-blown fights that drag out the divorce for months. The best way of avoiding a long, contentious and expensive battle with your ex over the property is to hire me, attorney Leigh M. Snodsmith of Snodsmith Law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

For more than 10 years, I have helped my divorce clients get a fair and practical result in property division. I am an aggressive negotiator, and I will take your case to court if your ex and their attorney will not agree to a reasonable compromise. My hands-on approach to property division will put you on solid ground financially once your divorce is final.

Valuables I Will Help You Divide With Your Ex

Most couples who have been married for several years have accumulated significant marital assets, which are assets that belong to both spouses. Common marital assets include:

  • The family home and other real estate, such as a vacation home or rental property
  • Retirement accounts, such as a 401(k) or Roth IRA
  • Bank accounts
  • Ownership interest in a business
  • Cars, furniture, family pets and other “chattels”

When a family-owned business is subject to division in divorce, it is first vital that you know exactly what the business is worth. I work with experts in business valuation to find out the dollar value of the ownership stake. Remember, you did not have to spend equal time working for the business as your spouse to be entitled to an equitable share. Indirect contributions, such as homemaking and being the primary childcare provider, can make business ownership a marital property.

Learn More About The Property Division Process

You probably have many questions about Alabama property division and other divorce matters. I will give you clear answers. Contact me at Snodsmith Law by calling 205-725-6008 to schedule a free initial consultation at my Tuscaloosa office.