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Spousal support, commonly known as alimony, is not a factor in every divorce. When both spouses earned an income full time, they are both equipped to support themselves when their marriage ends. But if there was a major disparity in earnings between yourself and your spouse, it is likely that alimony will come up in your case. If it does, having an attorney who knows how to resolve spousal support disputes will greatly improve your financial resources and confidence.

My name is Leigh M. Snodsmith. At Snodsmith Law, I have guided people in the Tuscaloosa area through divorce for more than 10 years. I bring a hands-on, personal approach to my family law practice. You and I will work together closely until your divorce is final.

What Is The Purpose Of Alimony?

Alabama law judges spousal support to be appropriate when one spouse earned either no income or far less than the other, and that spouse cannot immediately start supporting themselves. Often, the spouse asking for alimony was the primary homemaker for many years while the other spouse was the sole breadwinner. Another argument for the spouse seeking support is that they need the money to maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage.

Highly Capable Representation On Either Side Of The Issue

I represent clients on both sides of alimony requests. If you require spousal support, I will analyze the situation to determine what level and type of support would be right for your situation. If you expect your spouse to ask for alimony, I will work to keep the support as reasonable and short term as possible.

Alimony can be for a fixed period to give the recipient time to become self-sufficient, or it can last for the rest of the recipient’s life. I will make sure the alimony ordered in your case is based on the practical realities of your life.

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