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Put Your Children First In Your Family Law Case

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than keeping your children safe and happy. As a family law attorney, my mission with every case I accept in which children are involved is to keep the kids from becoming pawns in endless, damaging litigation between their parents. At Snodsmith Law, I am here to help protect your children.

Family Law And Your Children

When parents get divorced, it can profoundly affect the children’s lives. As your divorce lawyer, I will review all the facts in your family’s situation to determine what your kids need to thrive in the years to come. Then I will work doggedly to turn these child custody and child support goals into reality. While most of my cases settle out of court, I will bring your case to trial to defend your children from harm.

With my help, your child custody and support order will reflect their particular educational, medical and emotional needs. For example, if your co-parent is responsible and loving, I will help make sure your kids get to spend time with both parents. But if your co-parent is unfit or abusive, I will show how shared custody or parenting time is unacceptable. I will help you maintain stability in your kids’ lives as much as possible during the transition and in the future.

Nobody benefits from a drawn-out fight over custody, least of all the children. I pride myself on delivering positive results efficiently, saving your family time and money.

Have more questions about children and family law? Visit my child custody and parenting time FAQs page.

Your Partner In Helping Your Children Get Past Divorce

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