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How do you find and choose a lawyer for your Tuscaloosa Divorce?


If you know a lawyer, ask a lawyer. If I have a conflict, I am always happy to provide referrals for Tuscaloosa divorce attorneys I have worked with who are ethical, efficient, and experienced enough to handle whatever issues are particular to that case.

If your friend has recently been through a Tuscaloosa divorce or Tuscaloosa custody case, ask what they liked and didn’t like about their lawyer. I’ve found people are very happy to give impromptu reviews of lawyers. One word of warning though: if your friend was exceptionally happy or unhappy with her divorce settlement, don’t expect the same result when it comes to your case. Every case is different, so rather than focusing on the result, ask about the attorney. Was she easy to get on the phone or quick to return a call? Was he on time to court? Was she able to justify why she quoted a certain retainer or fee? Does he accept payment plans?


If all else fails, the local bar and the state bar are a good place to start. The Tuscaloosa County Bar Association provides a database of all of its members, searchable by practice area, at  The Alabama State Bar also provides a referral service. Information on the state bar referral service can be found at:


Avoid a lawyer who promises certain results or tells you definitively what a judge will or will not do.

Don’t be rushed into signing a fee agreement or filing for divorce. If you don’t have a good feeling about a lawyer after an initial consult, take some time to think about it. And get a second (or third) opinion.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the “Cheap Divorce” advertisements. Those advertisements are more than likely offering to draft paperwork for an uncontested divorce.  More importantly, when it comes to your Tuscaloosa divorce, you get what you pay for. Quality representation for your contested divorce includes client and witness interviews, discovery, and trial preparation, among other things. If cost is a concern for you, be up front about it at your initial consult. Many lawyers are willing to work with you on payment plans.

Tuscaloosa divorce attorney Leigh Snodsmith is available to answer your questions about your Tuscaloosa divorce or custody case. Call our office at 205-469-7913 to schedule a consultation today.

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