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Possible pros and cons of birdnesting after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Child Custody, Coparenting |

While going through the end of a marriage, many parents may have questions about how the outcome of the situation might affect their kids and the options to help them adjust to the changes in their lives. Parents in Alabama who wish to provide their children with stability and support after a divorce may wish to explore the possibility of birdnesting, but this might not be a viable path in every scenario. Carefully evaluating the potential advantages and disadvantages of a similar arrangement could prove integral to choosing a path that best meets the interests and needs of everyone involved.

Is birdnesting a viable path?

The term birdnesting refers to a scenario in which parents who choose to part ways allow the kids to remain in the family home while they take turns moving in and out of the residence. One possible advantage of such an arrangement involves the notion that it may help provide the kids with a sense of stability during a difficult time. A similar path may also provide the kids with ample access to both parents and help promote cooperation, but it might not always be so easy to manage.

Studies suggest that a similar arrangement may carry certain disadvantages, as there may be a greater risk of conflict while sharing responsibilities within a living space with a former spouse. Such an arrangement may also increase the risk that the children might get confused and think that their parents are back together or are at least trying to work things out. The financial costs of maintaining the family home and a second living space could also prove unfavorable at times.

Making informed decisions

Parents in Alabama who face a divorce may wish to evaluate all the available options to help protect the well-being of their kids, but such an endeavor can be somewhat complex at times. When facing a similar change in life, a person could consider speaking with a family law attorney for guidance in evaluating all the available options and vital aspects involved with dissolving a marriage. An attorney can address a client’s questions and concerns and assist in developing a strategy with which to pursue the best outcome possible regarding the future of his or her children.