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Some sources of unrest may arise several years into a marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Divorce |

There could be a multitude of scenarios in which married couples in Alabama and across the nation may experience strain in their relationships. Whether stemming from fights about money or differences of opinion over life goals, dealing with marital woes can be stressful and intimidating at times. There are some sources of unrest might not even appear until a couple has been together for several years, and such issues could create a rift in a marriage and led to discussions about whether divorce might be the best path for everyone involved.

While sources of unrest in a marriage can take on numerous forms, some of the most common causes of marital strain might include:

  • Differences of opinion: Studies indicate that differences of opinion over topics such as financial goals and religion are two examples of issues that might not arise until years into a marriage.
  • Arguments about debt: Debt continues to be a leading cause of unrest in relationships and if a person does not find out about a spouse’s debts for years, the fallout could take a dire toll on the marriage.
  • Goals for the future: Couples may also find that over time, their goals for the future might change and if one’s spouse does not share these goals, such issues may cause a couple to drift apart.
  • Familial concerns: Couples may also disagree over familial obligations or experience strain in scenarios in which one spouse cannot get along with the other party’s family members.

Studies indicate that in the first few years of marriage, individuals might feel hesitant to speak to the other party about major concerns, and the tension that builds during this time could also create a rift in a marriage.

Individuals in Alabama who are facing a divorce might not always know what to expect from the process or understand the steps to take to prepare for what comes next. When facing a similar change in life, a person could benefit from consulting with legal counsel for guidance in making informed choices about his or her situation. An attorney can address all a client’s questions and concerns and assist in creating a strategy with which to seek the most favorable outcome achievable regarding his or her future during divorce proceedings.