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Child custody plans during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Child Custody |

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, plans that divorced parents made months or even years prior might no longer be the best solution for children. Holiday plans change and children develop new preferences for where they would like to be on certain days. While accommodating every last little change is not possible, Alabama parents should still make an effort to be flexible with their child custody agreements.

What is the current custody order?

Whether parents share custody or one parent is on a visitation schedule, it is not uncommon for divorced parents to swap years for important holidays. Others prefer to fit in holiday celebrations with both families every year. Some things to keep in mind when considering whether these arrangements are still best include whether:

  • A child will have to spend the majority of a holiday traveling
  • Parents been willing to be flexible in the past
  • Past holiday arrangements worked well

Why is being flexible around the holidays important?

Children go through their own emotional turmoil when their parents divorce. From worrying about whether they will attend the same schools or still be able to see their friends, children end up dealing with a lot of uncertainties. Providing a sense of comfort, familiarity and support around the holidays can help ease some of those feelings of worry or concern.

While being flexible is important, most divorcing parents still choose to include holiday plans in their child custody agreements. This can help lay the initial groundwork for how the holidays will work, as well as include how Alabama parents will address any disputes over holiday plans. These agreements are often key to providing children with the best possible experience following their parents’ divorce.