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Asking for spousal support during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Life before and after divorce can be quite different, especially in terms of finances. Spousal support — also known as alimony — can help you better manage this transition from married finances to living on just your own income. Not everyone in Alabama automatically qualifies for support after divorce, though.

Can I ask for spousal support?

It depends. If you and your ex both worked full time or earned similar incomes, you may not qualify for any type of spousal support. Support is intended for situations in which there is a significant disparity in earnings. There are several reasons why you might need this type of financial help, including if:

  • Your ex was the primary breadwinner
  • You have been out of the workforce for some time
  • You cannot secure a better paying job

How can spousal support help?

Spousal support will provide invaluable help if you cannot immediately support yourself after divorce.  It is also important for helping you maintain the lifestyle to which you might have become accustomed during your marriage. While you might already know that spousal support can be temporary for only a fixed period of time, it can also last for a lifetime in certain situations.

There is no denying that divorce can affect your finances. However, that should not stop you or anyone else in Alabama from ending an unhappy marriage. Indeed, there are several smart, thoughtful steps you can take toward preserving your financial security. This includes finding the right support on your path toward securing spousal support.