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The importance of paternity for fathers

There are few greater joys in life than getting to watch one’s child grow up. Alabama parents typically want to do everything within their power to make sure they are always there for their children throughout all of life’s moments. For some fathers, this means taking...

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What happens to frozen embryos after divorce?

Alabama couples who are divorcing today face unique hurdles that couples of past generations might not have had to deal with. For example, it is not necessarily uncommon for couples who are trying to conceive a child to use in vitro fertilization -- IVF. Frozen...

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Emotionally preparing for divorce

Virtually no one decides to get married with the expectation that the union will not last. Even if a couple has been struggling for some time, it can still come as a surprise when a spouse asks for a divorce. An unexpected divorce can leave people in Alabama feeling...

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Do you need guidance in your divorce?

Deciding that it is time to end an unhappy marriage is never easy. Like most people in Alabama, you probably put a lot of time and careful consideration into your decision. That same care and forethought is also important during the divorce process, but it can be...

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Is mediation an option for me?

Many people do not realize just how many big decisions they will have to make during divorce. This can be a fairly overwhelming realization, especially for those who have lots of marital property or are worried about child custody. However, individuals do not have to...

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Dealing with child custody as a father

The American Psychological Association anticipates that approximately 40 or 50% of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce. While every divorce in Alabama is unique, it is often women who end up formally starting the process. Regardless of who actually files for...

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