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Protecting your digital assets in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 23, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce can be complex, especially when it comes to dividing digital assets. Protecting your digital assets requires careful planning and awareness of what these assets include.

Identify your digital assets

Start by identifying all your digital assets. These can include online bank accounts, cryptocurrency, digital photos, social media accounts, and intellectual property stored online. Make a comprehensive list to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Change your passwords

One of the first steps is changing the passwords for your digital accounts. This prevents unauthorized access by your spouse. Use strong, unique passwords for each account to enhance security.

Back up important data

Save all important data in multiple locations, like an external hard drive or a secure cloud service. This step safeguards your data against accidental loss or deletion.

Separate shared accounts

If you and your spouse share any digital accounts, work on separating them. Open individual accounts and transfer your share of the digital assets. Notify service providers about the change to ensure a smooth transition.

Secure your devices

Make sure all your personal devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, are secure. Use encryption and update your security settings to prevent unauthorized access.

Document everything

Keep detailed records of your digital assets and any steps you take to protect them. This documentation can be crucial if disputes arise during the divorce process.

Taking these steps can help protect your digital assets during a divorce, ensuring that your online presence and digital property remain secure and fairly divided. By staying proactive and vigilant, you can navigate this complex aspect of divorce with confidence.