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Red flags of financial infidelity in marriages

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Divorce |

There could be a multitude of scenarios in which the behavior of one party could place a significant strain on a marriage and leave the other person wondering if it might be best to take separate paths. Financial infidelity remains a prevalent concern in many relationships and the presence of similar behaviors could create an irreparable rift between those involved. Evaluating some common red flags of financial infidelity could help individuals in Alabama prepare to address their situations and help them determine if a divorce might be the best path to protecting their futures. 

Studies indicate that financial infidelity can take on various forms and can take a significant toll on the health of a marriage. Some examples of red flags regarding such behavior may include: 

  • Financial secrecy:  Studies indicate those who exhibit such behaviors may be secretive about marital financial activity or may even attempt to hide assets in separate accounts. 
  • Controlling behavior:  Those who engage in financial infidelity may also attempt to maintain control over marital finances and they may even become defensive when confronted about their behaviors. 
  • Financial dishonesty:  Being dishonest about topics such as income and attempting to hide financial documents are two more examples of behaviors that may constitute financial infidelity. 

Those who exhibit such behavior may also be reluctant to be forthcoming about their spending habits or may seem unwilling to contribute to building a healthier financial future within the relationship. 

Financial infidelity can not only be exceedingly hurtful, but the presence of such issues could also affect the health of a marriage and lead to questions about whether divorce might be the best path. Those who encounter such behaviors and remain uncertain of how best to approach the situation might consider speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance in addressing their options. An attorney can help a client in Alabama prepare to make informed decisions about the situation and assist in preparing a strategy to safeguard his or her future interests during subsequent divorce proceedings.