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Things to know about equitable distribution

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Property Division |

There are a variety of factors to address when preparing a strategy to preserve one’s wishes when facing the end of a marriage. Understanding what to expect from this process can be an integral aspect of creating a thorough strategy, but this might not always seem an easy goal to achieve. Individuals in Alabama who are facing a divorce may have questions about the term equitable distribution and how this might influence the outcome of the process. 

Vital topics 

One of the first things to note is that under equitable distribution laws, the division of marital assets must be fair, but it does not have to be equal. Those facing a similar life change may also find it helpful to know that they may be able to reach a fair and equitable settlement via negotiations. However, if this fails to prove fruitful, one might benefit from knowing the factors the court might consider when making the final decision on property division. 

Factors the court might address during legal proceedings could range anywhere from the length of the marriage to the income and earning potential of each party. The court may also wish to address the financial obligations and needs of both parties and the level of contribution each spouse has made to the soon-to-be former couple’s marital wealth. Topics such as the age and health of each spouse, the presence of marital debts, and the possibility of child or spousal support may also be relevant factors during this process. 

Preparing a strategy 

The topic of equitable distribution may be just one example of a vital factor to address when preparing for a divorce. Those who have questions about what to expect as they navigate a similar change in life might consider speaking with an attorney for guidance in evaluating their options. An attorney can help a client in Alabama cover every integral component involved with dissolving a marriage and help create a strategy for the subsequent process that best meets his or her future interests and needs.