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Prioritizing your child during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Child Custody, Coparenting |

Emotions often run high when a marriage is coming to an end. However, Alabama parents need to consider more than just themselves during divorce. Children are especially vulnerable to all of the ups and downs that come with divorce, which is why centering their well-being should be every divorcing parent’s priority.

Avoid court

If possible, staying out of court is one of the best ways to prioritize a child’s well-being. In general, family law court creates a framework for a win-lose divorce. The parent who perceives that he or she has lost often goes back to court again and again in an attempt to secure a win. Electing for an alternative dispute resolution such as mediation can help preserve one’s finances, as well as a child’s:

  • Emotional stability
  • Future relationships
  • School success
  • Mental health

Preserve relationships

Children need their parents more than ever during a divorce. Parents who make time to truly listen to what their children need during this difficult period of life can help instill a sense of much needed security. When children feel that they are safe and loved by both parents they will be able to better navigate their big feelings about their parents’ divorce.

Both these approaches also help parents as they work on creating a child custody agreement. This is an essential part of the divorce process for parents, and above all else it should center on the child’s best interests. Alabama parents who are willing to work together for their children are often able to create an agreement that truly reflects their child’s needs.