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How career choice affects your chance of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2021 | Divorce |

Deciding on a career path is a big decision. Before accepting a new job opportunity or earning a degree with a specific career in mind, most people consider how this choice will affect their future earnings, stability and more. However, few people realize that their career choices could also impact their marriages as well as their chance of filing for divorce. 

Do certain jobs lead to divorce? 

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, and virtually every couple in Alabama will have some challenges to face over the years. Some of those challenges are the direct result of one or both spouses’ jobs. Career factors that might lead to marital conflict or divorce include: 

  • Business travel 
  • Working long hours 
  • Low pay 
  • Increased emotional stress 

Zippia performed an analysis looking at these types of factors to determine which careers are most likely to lead to divorce. According to that analysis, first-line enlisted military supervisors have the highest divorce rate at around 30%. Researchers believe that stress and time spent apart for deployments are two key factors in this. The next four careers that are most likely to cause divorce are: 

  • Logisticians 
  • Automotive mechanics and service technicians 
  • Military enlisted air weapons and tactical operations 

Choosing a job that has a higher rate of divorce does not automatically mean that one’s marriage is destined to end. Still, it is important to acknowledge the realities of certain career choices and the impact they can have on a marriage. Alabama couples who are eager to address these issues head on may be particularly interested in creating pre or postnuptial agreements, which give couples the opportunity to tackle difficult topics while they are still on good terms.