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Can I stop paying support to bargain for child custody?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

Spending quality time with children is important, but some parents feel as if they no longer get that opportunity after divorce. Whether sharing child custody 50/50 or working on a visitation schedule, it can easily feel as if time with kids is always at a premium. Some parents in Alabama might even be tempted to stop paying child support in an effort to secure more time with their children. While this might feel like a smart negotiation tool in the moment, it is never a good idea. 

Child support is essential 

Child support is not a premium that a parent pays to see his or her children. This financial support is an integral part of making sure that a child is still financially secure regardless of his or her parents’ situation. This means that a parent can be ordered to pay child support if he or she has joint custody, visitation or does not see the child at all. 

Not enough time with the kids 

There are a few different options for securing more time with one’s kids. Suddenly stopping child support payments is not one of them. If a parent wants more parenting time, he or she could consider some of the following: 

  • Having a civil conversation with his or her ex 
  • Asking for a modification to allow more visitation 
  • Petitioning for joint custody 

Alabama parents should not withhold child support as a bargaining chip. This weakens their own positions and can ultimately cause financial harm to their children. Instead, it is better to work within the confines of state family law, which often involves petitioning for modifications of child custody and support orders through the court system.