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Am I going to lose my dog in my divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Property Division |

There is something very special about the bond between a pet and its owner. The thought of losing that bond because of something like divorce can be upsetting, so pet owners in Alabama may want to be as proactive as possible. One option to protect that relationship is to create a pup-nup.

What is a pup-nup?

Most people have already heard of prenuptial agreements. These agreements give couples the opportunity to address how assets will be divided should they decide to divorce. A pup-nup works much in the same way as a prenup, except that it specifically focuses on how to handle pets.

Why bother with a pup-nup?

Dogs, cats and other pets are still considered property in Alabama. This means that should a couple get divorced, their four-legged friend would get lumped into property division rather than being dealt with in a process similar to child custody. With a pup-nup, couples can clearly decide some of the following ahead of time:

  • Time sharing arrangement for the pet
  • Who will pay for what expenses
  • Who is responsible for taking the pet to the veterinarian’s office

Divorce is far more than just a legal process. Ending a marriage can be quite emotional, and dealing with unexpected matters — such as who gets the dog — only serves to complicate things further. Alabama couples who are eager to prepare for their futures may want to explore their options for things such as prenuptial agreements, pup-nups and even postnup agreements.