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Successfully navigating co-parenting

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Coparenting |

Parenting after divorce can be a challenge. Sharing custody work is not impossible though. In fact, many parents in Alabama manage to successfully navigate their new co-parenting relationships even after ending their marriages.

Making co-parenting work requires time and effort from both you and your ex. You will need to focus on communication and working as a team. It may also be helpful if you understand just how beneficial sharing joint custody can be for your child.

The benefits of co-parenting

Divorce is hard for kids, and your commitment to co-parenting can give them a much-needed sense of security. Kids who feel as though they still have the love of both their parents after a divorce tend to adjust more easily and quickly to new living situations. These children are also less likely to develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

If you commit to co-parenting, you are also committing to setting a healthy example for your child. The example you set by working with your child’s other parent will help him or her build healthier, stronger relationships in the future. It can also help your child learn more effective approaches to problem solving.

Practice your communication skills

Even if you did not communicate well during your marriage, you and your ex need to focus on communication now. A good place to start is to commit to talking consistently and on a regular basis. To effectively improve your communicate with your ex, you can also:

  • Make requests instead of demands
  • Exercise restraint
  • Ask for one another’s opinions

It is also a good idea to keep all communication focused on your child. This means limiting conversation topics to matters that pertain to his or her needs or wants. This is not the time for either you or your ex to bring up matters from the past or your own needs.

Work as a team

Co-parenting is about more than just sharing parenting time. As co-parents, you will need to work together to make decisions about education, medical matters and even finances. Providing consistency is also a priority, so you may want to establish similar routines and house rules when possible.

Creating the best possible approach to co-parenting might not seem easy, and that is understandable. On top of handling child custody, you also need to address matters such as property division, child support and alimony. This can be a lot for just one person to deal with, which is why some find it helpful to have reliable support.