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Will alimony come up during my divorce?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Divorce |

Maintaining a sense of financial security after divorce is important. Some people in Alabama may be able to do so easily enough, especially those who already have full time jobs and steady incomes. But this might not be you or your ex’s situation. If so, you may either receive or pay alimony.

Alimony is not a given in every divorce, and is only a factor when a couple has a significant difference in their incomes or earning capabilities. For example, if you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse was a homemaker, alimony would probably be appropriate, though the length of the marriage is an important factor as well. Alimony is not all about just providing someone enough money to get by, though. Someone might also ask for support so that he or she can maintain the same lifestyle as during marriage.

Whether you think you will receive spousal support or have to pay, it is important for everyone that the amount and timeline is right for the situation. No one wants to end up receiving too little or paying too much. Since alimony can sometimes last for life, there is not much wiggle room for error.

People tend to have a lot of strong feelings about alimony, and it is often portrayed in a negative light in movies and TV shows. At first, it might even feel a little strange to pay or receive money from your ex-spouse. But those feelings of discomfort probably will not last forever, and better understanding your current situation can calm some of your fears. You can take the time to learn more about alimony and other aspects of Alabama family law by visiting our website.