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A prenuptial agreement will not end your marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Divorce, Property Division |

Most people do not get married with the intention of splitting up in the future. However, even the best laid plans can easily get off course, and divorce is simply part of life for a lot of couples in Alabama. This is why getting a prenuptial agreement before marrying is often a smart option as it can address property division, protect children’s inheritances and more.

A prenup can almost be considered a form of insurance. Should a couple decide to divorce, they will both be protected by the terms of the agreement. For example, specifying what property belongs to whom will make sure that each person receives his or her personal assets as laid out in the agreement. This is regardless of how those assets were used during the marriage.

Someone going into a second or third marriage probably has more assets to his or her name than a person saying “I do” for the first time. Still, he or she might be worried about more than just personal property. This is because a person in this situation might already have children from a past relationship, and protecting their interests is important. Those interests are often their future inheritances, which should be clearly outlined in the agreement.

Of course, asking a partner for a prenuptial is not always easy. Many people think that a prenup is a sign that a marriage just will not make it. This is certainly not the case, especially since couples without prenups get divorced too. Since divorce really is possible for any married couple in Alabama, creating a thorough prenuptial agreement can provide peace of mind and, if needed, protection during divorce.