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At Leigh M Snodsmith, LLC, our focus has always been getting the best results in our cases. Usually the quickest way to resolve a tough child custody case is to be as amicable as possible and come to an agreement that is beneficial to all sides and results in the least amount of damage to everyone involved in the case in the Fayette area.

At Leigh M Snodsmith, LLC, we have the experience that you can count on to help you with your case in the Fayette area. If you are looking for a trustworthy child custody lawyer in the Fayette area, we will work hard and try our best to make sure your case moves forward through the legal process with your best interests in mind.

At Leigh M Snodsmith, LLC, we are not going to be like other law firms that you work with in the Fayette area. Our devotion to clients is second to none, and our knowledge and in depth experience with child custody cases is what has given us our reputation as an efficient firm. You will quickly discover that Leigh M Snodsmith, LLC treats all our clients with care and respect and that we have every intent of moving your child custody case in the way you want.

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child custody matters can be stressful on families. If you are from the Fayette area, do not let the complexity of local child custody law put strain on your relationships. For proper legal guidance, call us at Leigh M Snodsmith, LLC today.

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